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The Rise of Digital Membership Cards

Digital Wallets are estimated to have almost 1 billion daily active users, which account for 12% of the global population.  Considering the shift to remote working and training, and the coinciding need for streamlined workflows, the overall trend to digital wallets is not surprising.At CCS Ireland, we understand both the need for your client to have a smooth experience when using their membership card and your organisation to have streamlined workflows. We are now offering digital ID cards, enabling you to offer digital membership cards to your members compatible with their native iOS and Android wallets.

The Use Case for Digital Membership Cards

Digital membership cards offer multiple benefits to members and organisations. Using digital membership cards means easy accessibility, and because they can be integrated with your organisationss database, it will always be up-to-date with the latest information and validity. Let’s look at the benefits:

  • All the same features of a physical card (and more)

Digital Membership cards leverage technology on your phone. That means there’s far more flexibility on how the device can be used, and without sacrificing any features of a physical card. Doors can be unlocked by scanning a code or recognising the IR code that’s on the device.

  • Minimised Physical Contact

Digital cards reduce check-in times and minimise close interactions between officials and members to reduce the risk of disease/virus transmission.

  • It’s Greener

Organisations no longer need to print physical cards, so they can cut down on the use of resources as well as their carbon footprint.

  • Easy Membership Renewal

In our busy lives, it’s easy to let memberships lapse without our knowledge. The digital format allows management to renew virtually in real-time, so there never needs to be any downtime.

  • Easy Photo Upload During Registration and Renewal

The system can be set up to allow the registrant to upload a photo during or after registration. Administrators can set the system to require photo approval and use an interface to crop, rotate, approve or deny the photo and send out an email requesting a new photo. Renewing registrants can choose from previous photos to help streamline the renewal process.

  • Barcode and QR codes

Most organisations issue each member with a unique ID or membership number. A popular feature of digital cards is to include a unique barcode or QR code that allows any scanning tool to read the membership/license number. Organisations sometimes utilise this with check-in or onsite registration.

  • Easier Card Management

The ability to deliver or revoke membership cards with a few clicks on the software’s back-end gives more power to the organisation and far more security in the delivery of access and benefits. This also means that it’s easier to manage member access if your organisation has multiple locations across the country or even the world, as one location using the back-end can easily manage members no matter where they are.

If you are interested in learning more about our digital membership technology,

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