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Stid Architect® Modular Mifare® & DESFire® Touchscreen Reader


  • Secure your building with a STid access reader
  • Secure RFID and NFC HCE reader with colour touch screen for keypad
  • Contains secure ‘scramble pad’ function
  • Up to 4cm reading range
  • Keep your people, guests and data safe with the STid Architect® Modular touchscreen reader. Also known as the ARC-C reader, this access reader contains a colour touch screen to display a keypad or additional information. What’s more, the reader contains a ‘scramble pad’ function for the keypad to strengthen security. This scramble pad mode randomly scrambles numbers on the display, preventing stolen access codes and enhancing security. It’s the modern, more secure keypad, ideal for access control in 2022 and beyond.
  • Manufacturer part number: Standard: ARC-R31-C/PH5-3i/1 Bluetooth: ARCS-R31-C/BT1-3i/1

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