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Single-Sided ID Card Printers

A single-sided ID card printer easily prints to one side of an ID card. Single-sided card printers are the perfect tool for creating affordable photo ID cards for your business or organisation.

These machines have become increasingly popular in 2024 as more businesses look to adopt access control and ID policies to safeguard staff and visitors.


As the experts in all things ID printing, we offer a wide range of direct-to-card and retransfer printers from leading manufacturers including Entrust Evolis, Fargo, IDP, Magicard and Zebra.

All our single-sided ID card printers deliver high-quality images, barcodes and text to a single side of the card. Two great single-sided ID card printer options for beginners or small businesses with low print volume requirements are the IDP Smart 21 and Magicard Pronto machines. Unsure which to go for? Browse our range of entry-level ID card printers.

A single-sided printer is ideal for creating one-sided staff ID, student ID, loyalty cards, gift cards and membership cards on a low-volume basis. If you need to print onto both sides of ID cards, you will need a dual-sided ID card printer.
Alternatively, if you'd like to see all the available card printing options, you can browse our full selection of ID card printers here.