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Dual-Sided ID Card Printers

A dual-sided ID card printer prints on both sides of the card in a single print run, saving you valuable time. These double-sided plastic card printers are great if you need the flexibility of printing extra information and more security features to your photo ID cards – a trend we are seeing increase in 2022.

Almost all batch-fed ID card printers are available as a dual-sided model, with popular options including the Magicard 300 and IDP Smart 31 card printers. As leaders in Ireland in ID printers, we supply a whole host of printing solutions from a variety of ID card printer manufacturers. Below you’ll find our full range of available dual-sided ID card printers.

Dual-sided card printing machines tend to cost more than single-sided printers, however they offer more value if you need to print on both sides of the card. If you’re not sure what you could include on the reverse of your ID card, check out our suggestions for what information goes on the front and back of an ID card here.

Or for some helpful buying tips before making your decision, check out our card printer buying guide. Our guide gives you a complete breakdown of how to choose the right plastic card printer for your requirements.