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At CCS Ireland, we’re committed to sustainability and eco-conscious solutions. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Eco Card Holder Collection, designed with both style and the environment in mind.
Crafted from sustainable materials such as recycled plastics and biodegradable fabrics, our eco card holders offer a sleek and practical solution for carrying your essential cards while reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Our Eco Card Holders?

1. Sustainable Materials: Our card holders are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring that you can carry your cards with confidence while minimizing environmental impact.
2. Stylish Design: Designed with both form and function in mind, our eco card holders feature sleek and modern designs that complement any style.
3. Durability: Despite being eco-friendly, our card holders are built to last. With reinforced stitching and durable materials, they provide long-lasting protection for your cards.
4. Practicality: With multiple card slots and a slim profile, our eco card holders offer ample storage space while remaining compact and portable.


Make a Sustainable Choice Today

Join us in our mission to protect the planet and make a positive impact on the environment. Choose an eco-friendly card holder from CCS Ireland’s collection and carry your cards with style and sustainability.
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