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ENTRUST 525100-016 YMCKL-KT FULL COLOUR RIBBON (300 PRINTS) [525100-016]

The Entrust 525100-016 YMCKL-KT ribbon is a specialty ribbon that produces full-color, photo-quality images with added luster panel for translucent watermark printing features on the front; and black resin printing of crisp text, logos, and bar codes on the back. Luster printing features can include text, logos or images, providing a translucent mica colour flip visual that is also black light visible.

  • 300 full colour prints per roll
  • YMCKL-KT colour ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Luster, Black and Topcoat panels)
  • Genuine ribbon direct from source
  • Entrust Sigma Luster Colour Panel Ribbon Data Sheet
  • Entrust Sigma Print Ribbon Supplies Sheet

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