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Experience the convenience of a seamless ID solution with our state-of-the-art Digital ID platform, eliminating the inconvenience of relying solely on physical IDs. Our cutting-edge technology now integrates with Google and Apple Wallets, providing unparalleled security and convenience.

Explore Versatile Applications
of Our Digital ID Solution

Corporate Employees

Effortlessly access secure office spaces and verify your identity during business transactions with our digital ID solution.

Event Organisers

Simplify event check-ins and enhance security with our digital ID solution, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.

Government Services

Facilitate secure access to government services and simplify identity verification for citizens using our digital ID platform.

Educational Institutions

Ensure a safe and efficient campus environment with our digital ID, managing student and staff access securely.

Financial Institutions

Enable secure and convenient transactions for customers, protecting their financial information with our digital ID solution.

Retail and Membership Services

 Enhance customer loyalty programs and secure retail transactions with our digital ID platform.

Transportation Services

Streamline boarding processes and enhance passenger security in transportation services with our digital ID solution.

Small Business Owners

Protect your business with controlled access, and manage employee identification seamlessly with our digital ID solution.

Why Choose Our Digital ID Solution?

Enhanced Wallet Integration

Store your digital ID effortlessly in Google or Apple Wallet. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, providing quick and easy access to your identity information.

Privacy and Security

Your digital ID is securely encrypted and accessible only with your personal authentication. Review the data shared before presenting your digital ID,
giving you complete control over your information.

Remote Data Erase

In case of a lost or stolen phone, rest easy knowing your digital
ID can be remotely deleted. We prioritise your privacy and adhere to the highest industry standards for data protection.

Type Of Customers We Work With

Government Agencies

Elevate citizen services with our cutting-edge digital ID solutions, ensuring secure and efficient interactions with government agencies.

Educational Instutions

Empower students and staff with our secure digital ID, facilitating easy access to educational resources and enhancing campus security.

Transportation and Travel

Navigate secure journeys – our digital ID system enhances passenger identification for hassle-free travel experiences.

Property Management

Unlock secure property management – our digital ID ensures protected access to critical documents and property-related services.

Membership Organisations

Elevate member experiences – our digital ID solution simplifies access to exclusive content and benefits for membership-based organizations.

Retail and Loyalty Programs

Reinvent customer loyalty – integrate our digital ID for secure and personalised interactions, enhancing the overall retail and loyalty program experience.

Hospitality and Events

Redefine event security – our digital ID system ensures safe and efficient access control for hospitality venues and events.

Versatile Usage for Every Scenario

Whether you’re verifying ID for a member, customer, employee, or accessing government services, our Digital ID solution is designed to adapt to your needs. Experience the flexibility of a digital identity that simplifies interactions with businesses and organizations.

CCS Ireland - Leaders in Digital ID

Don’t miss out on the future of identification. Embrace the convenience, security, and versatility of our Digital ID solution. Your smartphone becomes your ID, simplifying your everyday life while keeping your information safe and sound.

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