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Entrust Artista® CR805 Retransfer Printer

Entrust Artista® CR805 Retransfer Printer [CR805]

Ensure Peak Performance

The Artista CR805 Retransfer Printer features specialized print ribbons, retransfer film, laminates, and other supplies, all specifically designed for optimal performance combined with our Entrust patented RFID technology. When the printer recognizes that Entrust genuine supplies are installed, all enhanced product features are enabled and successful card printing can begin. KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Versatile high-resolution image printing from blank cardstock using pigment UV resistant inks with precision dot placement
  • Enhanced ribbon formulations with primerless color ribbon and retransfer film that does not require a primer panel, enabling faster print speeds of 110 cards per hour
  • Extended card durability with primerless ribbons up to 50% greater in film adhesion and abrasion resistance

Artista CR805 card printer ribbon kits include all necessary cleaning supplies for the CR805 card printer’s daily operations. Each kit includes one ribbon, one isopropanol cleaning card, one cleaning lapping stick, one cleaning swab, and one adhesive cleaning sleeve. Additional cleaning products can be ordered separately

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